19 November 19.00-20.30

The second event in a series brought to you by For Changemakers and the Oxford Climate society, supported by the Oxford Foundry.

We invite you to hear the stories from start-ups fighting climate change with enterprise; what they have achieved so far and the challenges faced along the way, plus the opportunity to test your own problem-solving power on real issues faced. If you are interested in learning more about what happens when social enterprise and climate justice collide, the common pitfalls facing enterprise in this sector and stories from three fascinating start-ups then be sure to attend this event. After an insight into the inner-worlkings of each start-up, specific issues they faced will be outlined. This will be followed by discussions before the solutions the entrepreneurs actually employed are revealed. We will be hearing from Miguel Modestino of Sunthethics, a start-up set on revolutionising the chemical industry, Jonathan Gartside of Bulb, a B-corp green energy company taking the UK by storm, and Eli Mitchell-Larso of Sunfarmer, a start-up empowering local entrepreneurs to build solar energy companies in their own communities Thought ethical business was impossible? Come and test your theory!


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