May 12 2018 09:00
Innovation Forum Oxford acknowledges the need for creating awareness for paediatric innovation amongst our science entrepreneurs, academics, healthcare providers and all the stakeholders that can support.
Our campaign is focussed on bringing new energy and ideas to the many unsolved challenges across paediatric care—and echoing the words of innovator and paediatric cardiologist Dr. Anthony Chang: “The best and fastest way to innovate, is to collaborate.” As part of the campaign Innovation Forum Oxford will be hosting a series of events in the coming months, which will inspire and equip participants to tackle some of the biggest challenges in paediatric medicine with a fresh and innovative perspective.

In preparation, Innovation Forum Oxford brings you the opportunity to enter the world of Design Thinking and add an invaluable new tool to your problem-solving repertoire. Discover how this human-centric process can transform your idea from potential to reality and help solve real-life challenges in paediatric health.

If you are interested in updates on workshops and Hackathon details, pre-register now for free.

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