Sep 28 2017

Oxford's VR Crowd is a free VR meetup in Oxford. Come along and talk about VR with fans, users and creators of VR content. 


• Introduction, welcome to newcomers and returning members
• Talks from our speakers

• Peter O'Shaughnessy – "Not Just Games: New & Unusual Uses for VR on the Web"

Peter is a developer advocate at Samsung Internet, Samsung's mobile web browser. Previously a web developer in various industries for longer than he cares to mention, nowadays he can generally be found tinkering with web APIs, creating demos and writing blog posts to share his excitement for the web with other developers. He's particularly interested in Progressive Web Apps, WebVR, Web Payments and Web Bluetooth. He spends the rest of his time coming up with puns, creating custom Slack emojis and finding creative ways to include llamas in as many places as possible.

• James Valls – "A brief journey through the development of Rebellion’s first VR game"

James Valls is a Senior Producer at Rebellion.  During his extensive career he has successfully managed projects on a wide range of platforms including PC, Xbox, Playstation, iOS, Android,  online social platforms, websites and multimedia DVDs. He loves working  new technologies and he’s currently overseeing the production of Rebellion’s first VR project, Battlezone. Games James worked on: Star Wars Battlefront series, Playstation Home, Sniper Elite 2&3, Rebellion Mobile Titles (Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, Harmony Isle, Raceline) and Battlezone for PSVR

• Show and tell / pitches

• Link sharing / discussion

• Open floor discussion (perhaps with a starting point)

• Networking

If you would like to talk or present something at this VR meetup, let me know! You can message me here on Meetup, or on Twitter @omgmog

For the "show and tell / pitches" portion of the evening, I've attached a question to the RSVP on here. If you'd like to show something, could you let me know through this?

First time coming? 

If you're unsure how to get to Headington Hill Hall check this Google Maps link:,-1.2336314,16.82z/


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