At 5pm on Thursday 8 September we will hold an event here in the Oxford Science park where four of our investee companies will give short presentations so that our investors and anyone else who is interested can meet the founders.

The presenters will be:

Jessica Leitch – Run 3D
Jessica is an international runner herself (Wales) and also has a DPhil from Oxford in the biomechanics of running. Run 3D analyses the gait of runners, who run on a treadmill with markers attached to their limbs. Cameras capture every detail at 200 frames/sec and a computer then analyses every aspect of the gait. Currently there are four Run3D clinics in operation. The plan is roll out the service, initially in the UK and then globally.

Ian Quirk – Active Needle
In order to do a biopsy (to obtain a sample of tissue from a cancer, for example, for analysis) it is necessary to get a fine needle to precisely the right point deep inside the body. This is difficult to do; the needles often bend and it is hard to know the precise location of the tip. Active Needle puts an ultrasound signal longitudinally down the needle. This means that the needle goes straight and also that it shines brightly in an ultrasound scan so that its precise location can be known. This is a recent investment and is a start-up.

Toby Basey-Fisher – Eva Diagnostics
Eva Diagnostics is a spin-out start-up from Imperial College. The company is developing a hand-held device with the same performance as a full lab set-up to analyse blood. The first product will diagnose anaemia, the most prevalent medical condition globally.

Edward Bruce-White – Combat Medical
Combat Medical has developed a better treatment for bladder cancer. Instead of surgery, a warm chemotherapy liquid is circulated through the bladder. The treatment is pain free and can be administered by a nurse in an hour. The recurrence rate is greatly reduced compared to surgery. Combat has gone very well since our initial investment in 2013. More than 10,000 treatments have been given and it is now being used in 90 hospitals throughout Europe and is expanding fast. The hope is that it will become the global standard of care.

You are very welcome to come and to bring anyone whom you think might be interested. The presentations will last about an hour and there will then be some food and wine and a chance to meet the founders. In each case, the presenter is also the founder.

We will provide some food and wine after the presentations so it would be helpful if you would let us know if you will be coming by emailing

Our address is: Oxford Technology Management Ltd Magdalen Centre Oxford Science Park OX4 4GA.

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