Justin Jackson Justin has worked in digital, marketing and communications for almost twenty years. Over that time, he has worked with corporations and startups, celebrities and politicians, TV channels and radio stations, firms and non-profits. He now spends most of his time delivering strategic advice and professional training to companies both large and small.

Blue Ocean or Red Sea? Find out how to take your business into the profitable, uncrowded blue ocean instead of the fierce, competitive red sea. Together, we’ll draw up a canvas that maps where your business is at the moment — and explain how to take it to a different level entirely. * Want to understand how Cirque du Soleil became so successful? * Find out how the F35 fighter has lessons for your business. * Discover how NY Transit Police can help business in Oxfordshire! * Accept that you can’t compete on every dimension * Use those savings to invest in what matters * Come up with a whole new product!



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