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7:45 pm Q&A

8:15 pm Social / refreshments

9:00 pm Lighthouse pub

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"Is your invention commercially viable? How can the Lean Startup method help?" by Andrew Larkins


The Lean Startup approach

• Design the simple minimum viable product (MVP)

• Sell it as soon as possible

• Learn from customer feedback

• Quickly develop the next generation or pivot


What’s a MVP?

• Something new that is really useful to the customer.

• But without the “nice to have” bells and whistles.


Fast product development

• Fast decision making

• A limited product scope

• A development plan that can be funded


Feature creep

• Adds features that few customers will ever use

• Slows development

• Increases costs

• Adds to technical risk


The concerns

• Disclosure of your product idea in the market before patenting?

• Do MVP products giving a company a bad reputation?

• Does fast development lead to poor quality?

• Can this be applied to hardware?


ANDREW LARKINS, Head of technology at Oxford Product Design and has 20+ years’ experience in bringing new products to market ranging from chips in mobile phone to a medical diagnostic device.

He has practical experience of new product development in organisations ranging from multi-site international operations to start-up companies and was CTO of Oxford University spin out Fuel3d.




Following a Q&A session with Andrew the second half of the evening will be an informal chat where you can meet:


• Fellow inventors of new products

• Startup entrepreneurs

• Angel investors

• Prospective suppliers


It will be a chance to meet private individuals with 'world-beating' highly inventive ideas for new commercial products, who are in need business partners.


It will also be a chance to swap ideas and general advice in a friendly, informal but professional environment and to chat informally with Andrew about your particular circumstances.


We look forward to seeing you!


* * *


What is Oxford Inventors Meetup (OIM)?


Oxford Inventors meetup group is primarily for entrepreneurial inventors of new physical products – at whatever stage of development – who are seeking to commercialise their product ideas.


Our aim is to help fellow inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to meet, engage in lively discussion, share candid advice and support each other and thereby make our ideas actually happen.


OIM is also squarely aimed at their prospective suppliers and any entrepreneurs with an interest in early-stage products and the "Lean Startup" methodology in particular.


The following types of people:

• New product inventors & innovators

• Startup entrepreneurs

• Angel investors (early stage)

• Product designers


…plus prospective suppliers such as:

• IP professionals

• Mechanical & software engineers

• Model-makers

• Graphic designers

• Marketing professionals and other creative people

…are all invited to join this group.


We foster professionalism, trust and support.


Anyone interested in helping to run this meetup should make themselves known to your host Alec.


If any of that sounds like you, come along and have a chat!

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