12 February 19:00



7:00 pm Arrival
7:15 pm Talk
7:45 pm Q&A
8:15 pm Social / refreshments
9:00 pm Lighthouse pub
Cost: FREE


– Just how new is your inventive idea?
– How far should you develop your invention before first checking its novelty?
– At what point should you call in the experts?

Dene Parker is Managing Director of the UK operation of a leading Swedish patent search company and he will share with us his structured strategic process for preventing inventors from wasting their time, effort and money when developing their new product ideas.

This process was developed by Search-a-patent and their director Claes Pantzar, who was the head of the Swedish patent office before going on to be CEO of Zacco, the largest firm of Patent Attorneys in Scandinavia and is based on his long experience working with Industry and IP departments

Dene will give a talk on how to assess the likelihood of a patent being granted without having to spend thousands with a Patent Attorney. He will show you why only 15% of patent applications in the UK are successful and how to tip the odds in your favour.

This training will help you to get a better idea of how and when to use patent and NPL (Non Patent Literature) information to get the maximum return on your R&D investment and at which stage to commission them.

The presentation itself will take about 20-25 minutes, so with Q&A it should not take more than an hour.

Dene Parker is Managing Director of the UK operation of Search-a-patent, who have been assisting Patent Attorneys, R&D department and private inventor for more than ten years.


Following a Q&A session with Dene, the second half of the evening will be an informal chat where you can meet:

• Fellow inventors of new products
• Startup entrepreneurs
• Angel investors
• Prospective suppliers

It will be a chance to swap ideas and general advice in a friendly, informal but professional environment. There will also be an opportunity to chat informally with Dene about your particular circumstances.

We look forward to seeing you!

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What is Oxford Inventors Meetup (OIM)?

Oxford Inventors meetup group is primarily for entrepreneurial inventors of new physical products – at whatever stage of development – who are seeking to commercialise their product ideas.

Our aim is to help fellow inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to meet, engage in lively discussion, share candid advice and support each other and thereby make our ideas actually happen.

OIM is also squarely aimed at their prospective suppliers and any entrepreneurs with an interest in early-stage products and the “Lean Startup” methodology in particular.

The following types of people:
• New product inventors & innovators
• Startup entrepreneurs
• Angel investors (early stage)
• Product designers
plus prospective suppliers such as:
• IP professionals
• Mechanical & software engineers
• Model-makers
• Designers
• Marketing professionals and other creative
…are all invited to join this group.

We foster professionalism, trust and support.

Anyone interested in helping to run this meetup should make themselves known to your host Alec.

If any of that sounds like you, come along and have a chat!

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