The United Kingdom is at the heart of global entrepreneurship – with one of the strongest start-up communities in the world. Oxford is a natural home for eg, and we want you to join our growing network of entrepreneurs, who support each other to find purpose, community, and success.


YPO is the premier global leadership organisation representing some of the most senior business leaders in the world. Its members engage in many activities to become better leaders, but none are considered as impactful as Forum. YPO leaders now want to offer the Forum experience, to start-up entrepreneurs to help them become more successful and purposeful.


eg will bring together a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to work with you to clarify your purpose, lend support for your goals and hold you accountable for the choices you make. All sessions will be free to attend and open to all founders who have made a commitment to purposeful entrepreneurship.


eg will offer a senior business leader, trained in Forum moderation, to lead and facilitate the sessions. We believe that having at least one person in the room with a wealth of business experience can provide mentorship and valuable feedback to those individuals going through the challenges of entrepreneurship.


It will be expected that you will be the founder of a start-up that has been operating for at least 12 months. Your role as a founder should be your primary occupation and you should be above the age of 21.


You will have to complete a short application, which will be passed to your Forum moderator for approval. Once approved, you will be invited to attend your first Forum. If your local forum is full, you may be placed on a waiting list. Please note that RSVPing on EventBrite does not guarantee at a place at Forum.


eg Forum is not for everyone, but many senior business leaders find forum critical to their success. Don’t face the future alone, let eg Forum be your personal advisory board helping you find purpose, community, and success.


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