Apr 6 2018 07:45

The speaker this month is social media expert, Sarah Fletcher from Mushroom Souffle. Meeting fee includes your cooked breakfast. Dietary requirements need to be advised in advance.

Crazy about Content
Are you spinning around on your office chair or gazing out of the window waiting for inspiration to strike for a social media post?

Do you then give up and started answering emails, pop the kettle on, or scroll through Facebook because it’s easier?

Your community grows because they want to hear what you have to say, because you’re the expert in your industry and have bucket loads of wisdom and experience to share.

The challenge is, building this community makes it your responsibility to bring them high value by sharing that wisdom and experience with them. Consistently.

Sarah is crazy about content … your awesome content that attracts your ideal customer, builds your community and credibility and maximises your marketing potential!

Her mission is to break through those blocks you have, start sparking those ideas, and give you a deeper understanding that will build motivation for you to take ACTION.

Following redundancy 9 years ago, Sarah didn’t feel drawn to another ‘proper job’ and Mushroom Soufflé was born!

Discovering her true geekiness, social media took over her life. Training, mentoring, strategy and brainstorming awesome content with business owners and their teams is her thing. Sarah is passionate about YOUR time, the valuable time you invest on social media – don't waste it!

Sarah is also the creator of Social Media Magic, a unique and powerful system designed to save you time while allowing you to be proactive and effective building your profile and attracting more clients online.


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