The Innovation Fair at the Oxford Africa Conference brings together some of the best entrepreneurs and innovators tackling challenges in Africa or running social impact-driven businesses in the diaspora. For a chance to participate in master classes, networking sessions and business pitches, click here to apply.




Finalists of 2018 Innovation Fair

EcoAct (Tanzania)

Zaacoal (Ghana)

Majik Water (Kenya)

Utiva (Nigeria)

Grainothèque (Ivory Coast)

Byoona Help Group (Uganda)


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for participation in the Fair is as follows.


1. Must be an impact–driven social enterprise

2. Must be led/founded by Africans

3. The social enterprise must be registered in an African country

4. The enterprise must already be in operation (that is, the product or service should be launched) for, at least, six months; or, at most, three years by May 1, 2019

5. Must adopt innovative and sustainable solutions in their operation

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