To kick off our weekend of bioentrepreneurship, we have keynotes from Ryan Cawood, Founder and CEO of Oxford Genetics, and Agbor Ako, Head of Global Health Futures at GSK. Ryan will be discussing his startup journey, with plenty of advice for aspiring bioentrepreneurs, and Agbor will be giving us his perspective on what the health challenges of the next decade will be.
Supported by the Oxford Foundry, OUBT are hosting a Biohackathon where participants will work in teams of 2-4 to find a solution to the “Healthcare challenges of the 2020s”. In order to tackle the pressing healthcare challenges of the 2020s, expertise from different fields will be required: scientists will need to work with business-minded people, along with IP lawyers, medics and everything in between. The speakers will give an introduction to their career and what they think will be the global Healthcare challenges of the 2020s. We hope attendees will be inspired to ask questions and develop their own ideas over the course of the Biohackathon weekend. The event will be followed by a drinks and pizza reception where participants will be able to network with each other and with the speakers. As always, this event is completely free to attend – however, please do register so we can get an idea of numbers and plan accordingly. (You do not need to register for this event if you are already registered for the Biohackathon)

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