Despite being one of the strongest economies in the country, Oxfordshire still faces some serious social and environmental challenges.


Local and central government have a considerable part to play in resolving these key issues and charities have been essential. But increasingly, new and creative approaches are being developed to provide solutions through trading. In recognition of being a “Hot Spot” for this, Social Enterprise UK awarded Oxfordshire the accolade of becoming the UK’s first Social Enterprise County.


Although this approach isn’t new, more social, environmental, community businesses and cooperatives are being established to address key local challenges through enterprise. More truly purposeful businesses are evolving beyond simply fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in the mainstream economy to share the responsibilities for tackling these problems.


Themes and opportunities such as Localism, The Social Value Act and a call for a more Inclusive Economy are being leveraged to ensure we continue to grow, but in a way that truly works for everyone. 


So what are these challenges that we still face, how are they being addressed and by who? What else can and needs to be done, who are the key stakeholders that must be engaged and involved to achieve this, and what do we need from them?


OSEP has recently been established as a Community Interest Company, made up of local like-minded people and organisations specifically to support this community of enterprises and facilitate the help required. How can it support this community to continue growing and thriving to succeed in its work and how can you be part of it?


Join us and other like-minded people and organisations for this lively and interactive session in which we will be exploring the challenges, what’s happening and what’s needed.

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