Mar 7 2018 17:00

Powered by new technology, Open Banking introduces the option for bank customers to share information about their bank account with other banks and third parties. This enables a wide range of new services like the management of multiple accounts through one single app or easier comparisons between financial products from different providers.

While Open Banking is also a requirement of the EU's PSD2 Framework, a decision of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) goes even further, providing a good template for a post-Brexit world. Join us to learn more about the challenges and prospects that come with Open Banking for banks but also the financial services sector as a whole.

Chris Hill
Commercial Technology Partner and Fintech Lead, Kemp Little
Chris is an IT lawyer who is recognised as a legal leader in the fintech landscape. He has deep specialisms in the elements involved in fintech contracting, including open banking, software, cloud, data, IP licensing and, increasingly, AI. He is a recognised thought leader on mobile payments and the author or co-author for leading know how pieces on the topic by PLC, Lexis and MBL, acts for a number of cutting edge fintech businesses and is involved in industry changing initiatives such as the CMA-mandated Open Up Challenge being run by Nesta. Through his various specialisms he has also become a trusted advisor to a range of large established financial services, software, retail and other businesses, whom he regularly advises on a regular basis on business critical projects.

Dan Awrey
Professor of Financial Regulation and Fellow of Linacre College, University of Oxford
Dan's teaching and research interests reside in the area of financial regulation and, more specifically, the regulation of banks, investment funds, derivatives markets, and financial market infrastructure. Dan has undertaken research and provided advice at the request of organizations including the Bank for International Settlements, HM Treasury, UK Financial Conduct Authority, Commonwealth Secretariat, and European Securities and Markets Authority. He is also a founding co-managing editor of the Journal of Financial Regulation published by Oxford University Press.

The event is open to everyone (no legal background necessary). Please RSVP for planning purposes.

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