Head of MPLS Division, Prof. Donal Bradley will be sharing his experiences of combining academic excellence with being a successful entrepreneur. His research concerns the science and application of molecular electronic materials and devices and has helped to initiate the associated development of a new technology platform, widely known as Plastic Electronics. This platform embodies a paradigm shift towards low temperature, solution-based device fabrication, with great potential for use in, for example, energy efficient displays and lighting, photovoltaic energy generation, large-area electronics, medical diagnostics and polymer-based datacomms. It also relies heavily on a fundamental knowledge and understanding of charge injection and transport and photophysical processes at the molecular (nano) scale; topics that he has studied extensively. This has naturally led to application-focused activities and many patents. He is a co-inventor of conjugated polymer electroluminescence and a co-founder of Cambridge Display Technology Ltd (now a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Chemical Company) and also a co-founder of Molecular Vision Ltd (now a subsidiary of the Abingdon Health Group) and a Director of the Solar Press (UK) Ltd. Booking: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/course-signup/rest/course/4D004D101205

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