An Introduction to TRIZ: a systematic toolkit for problem solving

Intended Audience All DPhil students, All Research Staff and All Masters students of: MPLS Division

TRIZ is the science of creativity derived from a systematic examination of almost all patented scientific and engineering solutions developed in the last 30 years of the Soviet Union. This created a unique innovation problem solving toolkit covering different ground to all other toolkits created at the same time elsewhere; the principal TRIZ tools direct us to find the best ways of solving a problem, to find new concepts and map the routes for developing new products. The individual tools are straightforward, the problem-solving process is systematic and repeatable, and when we move fast with TRIZ we can uncover the best possible solutions and keep our brains at their most creative. Today engineers and scientists probably understand TRIZ better than anyone else because it comes from their recorded successes. However, while TRIZ was developed for inventing and solving technical problems, the tools and approaches can be used to understand and solve ANY problem so it can be applied with equal success to any discipline. The TRIZ tool-kit and process directs us to the best solutions to fit our circumstances and constraints. Many problem solving techniques, such as brainstorming can be uncertain and hit and miss but are universally popular as they lead us to remember, find and combine concepts and solutions – normally those already known to us. The power of these methods is extended in TRIZ as they are the important starting point on the routes to locate the best answers. TRIZ is an important addition to other systems, as it leads to the most efficient use of the world’s current knowledge and is based on the methods of identifying contradictions in problems and systematically taking us to the range of good and relevant solutions (a complete catalogue of just 40 good solution triggers) derived from the world’s patent database of recorded past knowledge. The TRIZ process will also direct us to the right places for relevant current and new knowledge – although created in the last century it enables us to the locate most efficiently the best access of internet knowledge. TRIZ enhances and multiplies natural abilities of intelligence and creativity and works even more dramatically on people who don't regard themselves as naturally creative and prefer pragmatic approaches. Everyone's creativity is improved. This 2-day course will be a fast-paced introduction to the tools and process, which can be tailored to any discipline. For those who want to know more there is also the possibility of joining other advanced courses run in Oxford with industry participants in future.

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