These workshops are aimed at anybody who would like to take time out to think about any business, leadership, career or creative related challenges or opportunities while networking with other professionals. Participants will also go away having learned an object based self- process they can use for self-coaching. The workshop is suitable for independent consultant and coaches, business owners and employees of large organisations. Find out more and to register contact us.

Who is the target group? 


Anybody who would like to take time out to think about any business, leadership, sales or career related challenges or opportunities. The approach is equally suitable for professionals in large organisations, small enterprises, independent consultants as well as creatives. The approach is very flexible and everybody can work on their individual topic they bring. There will be an opportunity to network and share experiences with other participants, but equally you can choose keep confidential what you are working on.




What happens during the workshop? 


You will be working on your individual opportunity or challenge, mapping your inner map in 3D, making the wider system in which it is situated visible (e.g. organisation, team, product & service portfolio, investors, sales channels, geographies, clients, personal context). In the first step this achieves clarity on the current situation through reducing complexity and showing hidden dynamics and interrelationships. This allows you to identify steps towards solutions and resources subsequently. During some workshops we will also work with so called 'living or 4D maps',  using other people as representatives while working together as a group on one case. 




What are the key benefits?


Through movement in your maps, mental maps are being changed and potential solution maps emerge. The special benefit of this approach is tapping into body intelligence, making unconscious knowledge you and the system already hold (e.g. hidden dynamics and interrelationships; how to solve or resource something) visible and accessible to you. The outcome is a solution image you can use as an inner compass for implementing changes. Participants will also go away having learned a process they can use for self-coaching.




Typical challenges and opportunities this approach is most suited to:


Alignment of resources

Lack of clarity

Conflicting opportunities

Communication issues

Inability to make decisions

Being stuck and going around in circles

Complex and dynamic environments (virtual teams, matrix organisations, partners & alliances, investor relationships)

Toxic environments

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