CMS is hosting a conversation with thought leaders and practitioners engaged in pioneering a new economic imagination. How does ‘Dragon’s Den’ relate to mission? Is there a place for missional entrepreneurship? Refusing to separate theology and economics, what does it look like for pioneers in mission to create sustainable enterprises that, in structure as well as intent, have a transformative impact on the world? And what does this prophetic imagination have to say about the wider issues of money and business and capital? Is another world possible? At CMS we have gathered and trained and learned from pioneers in mission over the last five years. Pioneers are doing all sorts of interesting things, many working with those at the edges of society. The last two years we have had a wider day to facilitate a conversation around a particular theme and reflect on what we are learning together and what questions we are wrestling with and we have subsequently published a book off the back of the days. The first year explored pioneering with a book The Pioneer Gift, and the second explored pioneering spirituality with a book due to land on the day of this year’s conference – Pioneering Spirituality. For our third year we are exploring Missional Entrepreneurship: Pioneering A New Economic Imagination. We have run a module each year on missional entrepreneurship which has been a really fantastic experience but it still feels quite new in terms of thinking about mission and throws up lots of questions. Our keynote speakers are Eve Poole reflecting on Capitalism and Its Toxic Assumptions in relation to innovating in this environment. With a background in both theology and economics and with her new book causing a stir we are really excited she can join us. And Mark Sampson reflecting on Business as Unusual: The Theological Contours of an Alternative Economic Imagination. Then there will be a range of other presentations, conversations, workshops, case studies and research – Mission on the High St; Lasting Change: Sustainability and Persistence; From Victorian Entrepreneurs to Missional Entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurship with those at the Edge; Talking About Money – social and financial alignment; Gritty Reality of Starting From Nothing For details, link here:

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