Apr 16 2018 19:00

An exciting collaboration between BOLD and Melanie Greene, author, coach and owner of Inspire Transformation, to run an interactive workshop on how to master your inner critic.

This workshop will help you if you find:

You beat yourself up when you make a mistake?
You lose sleep worrying about what you haven’t done or what you said?
It difficult to list your achievements?
Feedback or criticism gets you down?
Our inner critic can be so harsh that it either holds us back from fulfilling our potential or stops us from enjoying the successes we have.

This highly interactive and practical session will assist you in thinking about impact of your inner critic in your own life, and give you tools and techniques to master it.

Melanie’s experience of mastering her own inner critic and supporting clients to do the same, is that when you master your inner critic and release their inner wisdom, it enables you to approach life in a more balanced way. You are more confident, resilient, and it brings more laughter and joy into your life. She will share a number of techniques to assist you in doing this.

Melanie Greene is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience as a coach and trainer working within the private and public sector. She set up her own consultancy, Inspire Transformation, in 1991 and has subsequently published two books.

Melanie’s passion is in helping individuals to realise their full potential to not only be successful in what they do, but to enjoy their lives. With this in mind she writes a free monthly coaching newsletter ‘Inspire’ providing regular hints, tips and inspiration for busy people to apply in their lives.


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