25 January 17:30-20:00

In collaboration with Oxford University Aeronautical Society (AerOx), the inaugural Mars Society UK event, ‘>>Relaunch’ is being held in Oxford on 25 January 2019.

This is the 15-year anniversary of the successful deployment of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover-1, Opportunity. Join us for an evening of talks, workshops and drinks discussing the opportunities getting humans on Mars will bring. To celebrate the UK’s contribution to Mars, we have organised a panel of speakers who are going to talk about the opportunities to reach, research, explore, or settle the Red Planet. Speakers include: Dr Robert Zubrin – Founder of the International Mars Society (remotely) Dr Jim Clemmet – Chief Engineer of Beagle II Alan Bond – Founder of Reaction Engines Ltd More to be confirmed… Doors open 17:00 for a starting time of 17:30. Please allow time to walk through Worcester college to the auditorium.


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