24th May 24 2017 18:00

Former IoD Director of the Year, Simon Biltcliffe delivers a potted history of Webmart from its humble beginnings in 1996 to the award winning multi-million-pound enterprise it is today.

Commoditisation can lead to a race to the bottom; There’s hundreds of examples of where the value’s been squeezed out of an industry – not least the printing industry where a perception that ‘all print’s the same’ has forced the closure of all but the leanest and best printers.

Simon Biltcliffe, Founder and CEO of award-winning print management agency Webmart, investigates how only the strong continue to thrive in a massively competitive sector – and how he’s managed to establish a strong brand that sets his agency (and the print they produce) apart from the crowd.

“Webmart is proud to be a creative business. We don’t follow conventional wisdom for the sake of it and this sometimes enables us to achieve the unexpected for both our customers and suppliers. The fact that we’re self-funded gives us this freedom. Our creativity and highly collaborative approach with customers and suppliers is fuelling our growth in new areas in an Omni-media world connected by integrated communications and tribal relationships.”

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