16 January 14:00-16:00

We have a great programme for the new year. Our first session is on how to find the cold hard facts about whether there is a market for your product. Good efforts here will pay huge dividends, making you credible with your investors and steering you away from the dark corners where you'll never get any market traction!

The session will be led by Mike Kelly of Green Shoots Market Intelligence. He'll also be sticking around after the session to answer your questions … Mike Kelly is a market research expert who has been working in the MR industry for just under 10 years, during which time he has conducted research for some of the world’s largest companies including Unilever, PepsiCo and Diageo amongst others. Having spent the past 4 years working at Oxford University Press, Mike has since setup his own research company, Green Shoots Market Intelligence, specialising in helping companies identify market needs and refine their products. Mike has experience of utilising a wide range of research methodologies, both quant and qual. Some of the types of projects that Mike has worked on include market landscaping, needs gap analysis, new product development and impact evaluations. Based in Oxford, Mike has conducted international research across a wide range of markets, including most recently UK, USA, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, China and Australia. Mike will be visiting Oxford University Innovation to provide free MR consultancy services to help you get the most out of your market research. 

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