Are you a manager looking to focus on growth and development versus “managing” performance? Do you struggle with how to retain your high performers? Could your organisition benefit from higher employee engagement? Accountability? Do you want to be more engaged? Do you wish you had the tools to productively discuss “career” with your manager? Please join us to experience the improved Managing Professional Growth (MPG) programme. MPG features highly efficient and compelling pre, post, and actual workshop content and activities that deliver the following results: Greater clarity of your personal definition of success and satisfaction. Greater clarity of your organisation’s strategic priorities and what you need to focus on in your job to achieve those. Ideas for how to leverage your individual talents to excel and address development needs that may interfere with personal success on the job. A detailed Growth Conversation plan for enlisting your manager’s support to achieve increased engagement and success in the context of your job. Engagement is a two-way street. For an organisation to obtain true commitment, creativity, and motivation from its employees, the needs of both must be aligned. For over 40 years, BlessingWhite has helped individuals achieve their visions of success while at the same time delivering on organisational imperatives. We all can take control of our growth, satisfaction and performance at work. MPG will show you how. Cost for this 1.5 day interactive programme is £395 (+ VAT), non-residential cost which includes: • Pre-work and support for preparation to the programme • All materials to support the programme • Interactive 1.5 day programme • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day • Day 1: 9.30am – 5.30pm, Day 2: 9am – 1pm On booking we can provide details of hotels close to the venue For details, link here:

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