In this free one day workshop hosted by the City of Oxford College, you will learn how to: Understand the numbers and how the business makes money. Know how everyone involved in the business contributes. Develop the ability to make good judgement calls and decisions in every role. Understand what activities maintain, drive and improve profitability.

Many managers have never been taught the concepts and importance of key financial terms and business processes. Surveys reveal a gap between financial ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’, which can be critical to an organisation’s performance. That’s where this workshop can help. We provide fun, quick, lasting learning that helps managers and their staff use the knowledge gained through experience, and help them apply it immediately, naturally and forever. What Is Experiential Learning? Experiential Learning, executed well, ensures an immediate “empathy hit” with all participants – hence the “lasting impact” and “value” to the individual and their organisation. In every sport, experience counts and to instil learning, practice is the natural route to attaining perfection. We can follow the same logic for in our experiential learning/ business simulations. Learning leads to mastery when it is retained through experience. “Formal” learning frequently fails; most is forgotten, unused, or tried once and abandoned. This is because, however well presented, the learning is: in the head alone not socially reinforced not linked to personal experience not practiced in a realistic situation not shown to “create value for me, on the job” The learning does not “stick” and has no real lasting impact. This is why experiential learning is different. Through experiential learning, we involve learners emotionally, socially, and intellectually in real challenges with important outcomes. The experience of getting things right and wrong are seen and felt. The learning changes attitudes, behaviours, has impact and sticks. It’s also highly engaging and fun. People learn best when they continuously experience an artful blend of challenge and support, provided for each cohort, through our crafted learning journeys. For the most powerful proof of what we can do, come and – experience it. How The Day Will Work 9.00am – 9.30am Arrival and registration 9.30am Workshop starts 12:30pm Lunch served in the Waterside Restaurant* (included in ticket). 1.30pm Workshop Resumes 4.30pm Finish After the workshop, we can continue the conversation over coffee or drinks at The Jam Factory *

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