22 February 12:00-1:00 Are you new to leadership and management? Do you have new managers in your team that you wish to support? Are you the 360 degree manager? Being an effective manager is hard.

You might have highly skilled people, but as a manager how do you set them up for success or provide your managers with the skills when they take on their first management role? How do you make sure you or your managers have the modern day skills needed to really deliver for your business? In the past, management has often been seen as a top down role – and even in today’s modern workplace we see lots of evidence of the ‘peter principle’ – people promoted one level beyond their scope of expertise. But training your managers to be effective can take time and money. This session is designed to give you more information on a critical leadership and management principle, plus provide details on how you can invest in your development or those skills of your people. This event is brought to you in partnership with Think, Inspire & Create.


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