MD2MD LeaderFest 2016 Are you: the leader of a team or organisation of 10 people or more? Is your: team successful and are you ambitious to build upon that success? Do you: realise that your skill as a Leader is a major influence on the success of the team? Are you: keen to understand how others have tacked the many challenges faced by business leaders? Do you: value the experience of other successful leaders and are you keen to learn what they did that helped them succeed and the mistakes that slowed them down? Would you: like to meet with other like-minded leaders, compare notes, develop opportunities and learn from each other as well as the business leaders on the platform?

Then LeaderFest is for you: Whilst there are many conferences, exhibitions and seminars aimed at inspiring leaders, the difference with LeaderFest is that it builds upon the highly successful 'leaders learning with, and from, leaders' peer model of MD2MD. At LeaderFest, leaders will learn from the real world experiences of others, based on their successes….as well as their mistakes. You'll find out what tools, tips, techniques and thought processes helped them build their business. The theme of the day will reinforce the MD2MD ethos; it will be leaders working with, and learning from, other leaders. The format is business leaders interviewed on stage by a professional interviewer, whose brief is to draw out from the interviewees' experiences and key learning points. What of their thoughts, decisions and actions have contributed most to their success and, to the extent they are prepared to share it, which were ones they would do differently if they were able to rewind history. For much more information about LeaderFest, with comments and testimonial videos from past events, please click here.

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