This is a day-long event primarily geared towards making machines do things with human language, either in text or audio form. It is for anyone interested in using computers to analyse, create, transform, or otherwise play with any of the 6,000 human languages (though the major world languages will be easier to find data on).


✨ Who should come?


This event is for anyone who wants to play around with language and programming. An understanding of JavaScript or Python will help you make the most of the day, but there will be many knowledgeable people to help you out if you get stuck, so don't worry about pressure to perform. Whatever your experience, you'll have the opportunity to think about language processing in new ways and work with new people.


Summer of Hacks and the library are particularly interested in welcoming people from underrepresented groups, including but not limited to, women, people of colour, people with mental and/or physical disabilities, LGBTQ, and non-binary people.


✨ ✨


Some things that you might find people working on include figuring out if a Twitter bot is happy or sad, creating rap poetry as a mashup of Shakespeare and Eminem, or even creating web-based materials to help others learn languages.


✨ What do I need to bring?


All you'll need is your own laptop and probably its charger (If you don't have one, get in touch with us in advance on Twitter or the #soh channel on Digital Oxford and we'll do our best to sort you out).


We'll have tea, coffee, snacks, and drinks available throughout the day. The location is right in the heart of Oxford so there are plenty of places to pop out to for lunch / coffee.

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