Nov 13 2017 13:00

In this talk, CEO of Labstep Jake Schofield will detail his entrepreneurial journey and how he expanded his platform to where it is today. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to formulate and actualize an idea that meets a need that is currently unsatisfied in the target demographic’s space.

Jake will also speak to company fundraising and how he built his team using the resources available within Oxford. Labstep Ltd is an online tool used by more than 350 universities worldwide that lets you create a personal or shared timeline with your lab group to track your experimental progress in the lab. You can write updates of your experiments and attach results to keep an accurate record of your work. Labstep allows you to create a library of your experimental methods onto a protocol playlist. You can easily run any of your protocols and make edits to them whenever you make a slight modification to increase reproducibility. As always, this event is free and everyone is welcome!


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