23 October 17.30-20.30

The Hive, our support programme for co-ops delivered by Co‑operatives UK in partnership with The Co‑operative Bank, offers FREE 'Is a co‑operative right for you?' half-day sessions for groups looking to start a co‑op or anyone wanting to learn more.

The sessions are for anyone interested in learning more about co-operatives, particularly enterprises and start-ups, as well as business advisers, researchers, community organisers and others who want to explore the co-operative option.This workshop will be run in partnership with The Community Action Group project, a local network of over 60 community groups, coops and social enterprises working on sustainability in Oxfordshire. The CAG project offers support and mentoring for new community projects to get off the ground, and has a growing number of co-operatives as part of its network.

What will the day be about? An interactive exploration of the history and application of the co-operative enterprise model; the many different types there are and their distinctive features and advantages relative to other models.


It will: Outline the opportunities that a co-operative business model offers community groups and businesses. Help groups already looking to start a business or organisation to determine whether the co-operative option is right for them. Help groups identify what further work is needed to do before you are able to register as a co-operative.

What attendees will learn? The wide range of different types of co-operative and the sectors they operate in. The advantages and distinctive features of the co-operative model. The factors that determine the most appropriate co-operative model for a given enterprise. The support available to co-operative start-ups and conversions.

Attendees should also utilise www.thehive.coop – a website run by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank for anyone looking to start or grow a co-operative business. The Hive online community is another useful resource for new groups, new co-ops and existing co-ops to ask questions, share advice and discuss ideas.


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