April 9 2019 13:00-15:00

Since hosting a scoping session for this toolkit at Marmalade 2018, SPRING will return to host another workshop to showcase the release of our digital investor toolkit. SPRING aims to build the broader gender lens investing ecosystem by bringing together social enterprises, investors, donors and other relevant stakeholders and sharing lessons learned on best practices. The objective of our session, which is going to be led by SPRING businesses from South Asia and East Africa that have successfully demonstrated that girls are a viable consumer market, would be to equip attendees with the knowledge, tools and capability to perform more gender-smart investing. Whether participants are fund managers, financial service intermediaries, donors from a development organisation or a private investor, this workshop will demonstrate how to better assess business opportunities that have a positive impact on adolescent girls and young women. This highly interactive session will start with brief introductory remarks from an investor to set the scene and provide context on the importance of gender-smart due diligence – a process of investigation or audit of a potential investment or product. Then the SPRING team will provide an overview of effective due diligence questions as outlined in our ‘Toolkit with a focus on girls and young women’ which will be launched on the day of the event. A lightning round of three minute pitches by three SPRING businesses will follow after which the audience chooses a small group to join for further discussion with a chosen business. These breakout groups will offer a chance for attendees to up-skill their gender-lens due diligence approaches by learning what questions to ask or how to approach businesses with girl-focused products in order to get the most valuable and insightful answers as well as to better understand their gender impact and potential.

Please note: There is no step-free access to the Loft. If you are a wheelchair user it may not be possible for you to access this space, which is only available via a short flight of stairs. Please do contact us if you would like more information: hello@marmalade.io

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