February 13 19:00

"A super-quick journey through the interactive prototyping landscape" by Ben Coleman, Managing Director at fffunction.

Interactive prototyping is in a great place right now. There are a wide variety of tools and techniques, with new ones emerging every day.

In this talk, Ben will give a broad overview of the interactive prototyping landscape, talking through the range of tools and techniques. Whether you're a designer, developer, or a product owner / manager, you'll come away with a better understanding of prototyping tools and techniques to suit you and your projects. You'll be able to pick a toolset, start experimenting, and using them in your design projects straightaway.

About Ben:
Ben co-founded fffunction, a design agency in the South West of the UK. He loves user centred design and bringing users, and empathy for them, into every step of a project. He's recently written a book on interactive prototyping with his colleague Dan Goodwin. Designing UX – Prototyping is published by Sitepoint.


Lightning talk:
​"UX for VR, where to start?" by Patricia Aguglia, Senior UX Consultant at HeathWallace

There are no precedents for how people should interact with things in VR​ and what ​are ​people expecting from ​it​, so where to start?

About Patricia:
I'm a passionate, creative​,​ User Experience designer with over 10 years of expertise who loves technology and design.
Strong understanding of software products and service environments for internet, IOT, mobile and VR. I've worked most of my career in the client side,
for banks, e-commerce/retail and also in the telco industry. Currently work​ing​ in an agency/consultancy for a diverse range of clients. I love the discovery phase and I've being trying to create better sketches.

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