Apr 24 2018 19:00

Imagine an information system that can support pathways driven entirely by current context. Pathways that are directed by human actors, determined by the arrangement of data and the relationships between objects, and dynamically created at the moment of interaction. A system that creates meaning through the application of acquired knowledge. An intelligent guide.

How might we architect systems that supports this free-roaming? How do we think about transient information architectures and containers for experiences that are only defined in the moment?

Considering information systems and theory, the worlds we create, inhabit and navigate, and a case study looking at commercial application, this session will explore our interactions within those systems, how we manage transience through data and information architectures and how we might effectively design those systems – to create experiences based on the relationship between context and content

About Tim:
Tim is a Principal Designer at Foolproof, meaning that he's responsible for the integrity of the thinking behind Foolproof's experience design practice. Tim works closely with design, strategy and insight teams, and with business stakeholders and third parties, to create evidence-based designs for global brands such as Sage, Simply Health, Coke, Apple, Sky, HSBC and Shell. As principal designer, he is focused on understanding user needs and behaviours, contexts of use, and interactions with information systems, to do smart things for good people.

Lighting talk:
What Designers Can Learn from History
by Solene van der Wielen

Creating great user experiences takes a multidisciplinary team. Graphic Design, Computer Science, and Psychology all contribute to the field’s ability to innovate and better meet user’s needs. But what happens when you throw History into the mix? From how understanding the past matters to create a better future, through to the power of story, this talk will cover a few key lessons designers can learn from the study of history.

About Solene:

Solene is a junior researcher at a multidisciplinary agency based in London. Having studied history at the universities of Warwick and Oxford, she is passionate about human-centered design and understanding innovation through time.

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