Click here to visit main event web site Get deep insights into cutting-edge programming techniques and tools required to achieve the highest performance on Intel® Architecture using C/C++ or Fortran. Learn from technical experts on how to modernize your code legacy or develop brand-new code in order to maximize software performance on current and future Intel® Xeon and Xeon Phi processors. Maximize the Performance ROI on your hardware assets in High Performance Computing by updating your parallel programming skills from technical experts from Intel and Bayncore. Hardware technologies in High Performance Computing are continuously undergoing major changes and rapidly increasing performance capabilities, but the software and the underlying code legacy is often left unchanged or even neglected. This leads to performance gaps and underutilized hardware assets. In this workshop you will learn from experts how to tackle these issues and make sure your code is ready to perform on tomorrow’s HPC processing technologies. Register today for free and join us on Thursday March 19th – Places are limited! For details, link here:

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