Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. Our budget of approximately £440 million/year is used to help companies to develop new technologies such as quantum, digital and materials that will apply to sectors such as transport, health, and aerospace. A large proportion of our work is used to fund company/academic projects which help to translate good ideas into new products and services. As an example of this, Innovate UK is responsible for generating interest from companies in the UK Quantum Technologies programme – a £270 million programme designed to translate quantum research into a new industry for the UK. We are looking to incentivise companies to start making and selling quantum technologies, but also to help academics to start their own companies that will sell devices into the large and growing quantum technologies market. In this talk, Richard Murray and Simon Bennett will explain who Innovate UK are and how they, and the projects that they support, are similar but different to the UK Research Councils. He will explain how you can use Innovate UK to find and undertake projects with companies who may be interested in commercialising your research. This seminar is followed by "Quantum Nosh" in Keble College – everyone is welcome to attend the talk and join us for a sandwich lunch and further discussion afterwards. More info:

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