What is research impact? How do we currently measure it? How should we measure it? Should scientists be measured in the same way that we measure scientific output? How do we effectively compare different kinds of impact? BSI Oxford is hosting a panel of leaders from different aspects of science and running a discussion on IMPACT. During the event, we will be seeking questions and contributions from the audience.

In the modern world, "impact" appears to be the fulcrum around which the entire research universe revolves. Not intellectual curiosity, not technical robustness and certainly not reproducibility. Impact. First and foremost: What impact has this research had? What impact will this research have? Acceptor of papers. Giver of grants. Maker of careers. Impact is king. In a highly competitive world of limited funding and limited time, evaluations of impact appear unavoidable. But what exactly is "impact" and how well do the current frameworks of evaluating research impact live up to the task? How could they be improved? Join us for our first event!

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/impact-the-better-science-initiative-oxford-tickets-24636273758

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