This workshop provides an opportunity for all activists to think of their own goal through the lens of the law and see if there is a potential legal avenue that could be used to accelerate the change they are seeking.


Impact – Law for Social Justice ( is a new consultancy made up of lawyers, academics and journalists looking at how grass roots activists, NGOs and broader civil society could use the law to achieve their social justice aims.


The tools for social change are diverse and their effectiveness depends on a number of competing factors. One tool that can be used but is often overlooked is the law. 


There are many ways the law can be used for social change from;


taking direct action that might infringe the criminal law,  


filing complaints or bringing legal action for affected individuals, 


to drafting legislation and policies 


to strategic litigation; litigation that changes the social landscape, for example in the case of Roe v Wade the US Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for states to criminalise abortion


The Impact co-founders are leaders in this field with direct experience of successfully changing the national law through litigation in combination with other social change tools and being the leading academics researching this area. Between them they have developed a practical framework that can be used by any individual or organization to enable them to consider whether or how to use the law for social change. 


Please note: There is no step-free access to the Loft. If you are a wheelchair user it may not be possible for you to access this space, which is only available via a short flight of stairs. Please do contact us if you would like more information:  

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