Every year we host a showcase event aimed at promoting the use of Immersive Technologies, and this time our aim is to bring to Oxford some of the most successful stories in the world.


Immersive technologies: Destination Oxford will be a unique gathering of researchers and students with immersive technologies at its heart. Organisations from all over the world will showcase the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in a broad range of applications: teaching, medical treatments, robotics and more.


When? Where?

Thursday 20th June between 2pm and 7pm, Mathematical Institute.


Who will be there?


John O'Reilly from UNITY: the game engine behind Pokémon Go and countless Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software applications. 


Andrew Hendry, Pro-Vis Sales Manager, NVIDIA: NVIDIA pioneered a supercharged form of computing loved by the most demanding computer users in the world. Our invention, the graphics processing unit (GPU), is the engine of modern artificial intelligence. Our technology also accelerates the fastest supercomputers, powers cutting-edge design and VR applications, and it’s the world’s largest gaming platform. We enable developers, scientists, designers and business decision makers to solve their most challenging problems: from building self-driving cars and AI-ready datacentres, to beating devastating diseases like cancer and dementia. In this talk, Andrew will explore GPU-accelerated professional visualization, as well as present NVIDIA Holodeck – Photorealistic Collaborative Design in VR.

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