Sep 11 2017

A drop in session to ask advice from others on business or life/work challenges you are facing and want some help cracking. Be ready to offer your suggestions too..we always hear how satisfying it is to share and to help! Or just come along to say hello and connect with others.

No fee, just buy your own drink

Did you know that ideas come from anywhere and anyone? AND the more people we collaborate with, the better the experience of coming up with ideas and the more lateral, and creative they are. 

We have run this format for a few sessions now and it has been extremely powerful. It is truly surprising how much we can help each other out. Better still, the process of coming up with ideas for others seems to unlock possibilities for ourselves.

This is for anyone, in full time work or looking to restart a work life, freelance, career change or starting a business. Past challenges include ideas for changing the world!!, getting teens to vote, how to handle a difficult child, how to reach a difficult market for a start up, how to talk about a new business proposition, testing product ideas, introductions or mentoring for skills such as legal, web design or digital marketing & managing difficult relationships at work. We also get stuck into the meaning of life, how to develop confidence, how to manage time, how to project ourselves well.


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