Quantum technologies promise a new generation of products with astounding properties based on the fundamental properties of physics. These new technologies are expected to have a profound impact on finance, defence, aerospace, energy, telecommunications, and many other business sectors.

Some of these technologies are available already, or soon will be. Some are still several years away. In NQIT, we are developing a quantum computer – harnessing the properties of light and atoms to solve problems which are impossible for even the most powerful existing computers. Come and learn more about the exciting potential for your business This event introduces quantum technologies and how they might affect your business. There will be some short presentations and a panel discussion, followed by networking and drinks. This event is open and free for anyone to attend

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-will-quantum-technologies-change-how-you-do-business-tickets-26323070011

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