Award Winning ActionCOACH, Ellis Bardsley and Rob Goddard, Owner of Evolution CBS have collaborated to host a FREE TO ATTEND workshop for ambitious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

What’s your end goal? How do you plan to get there? Whether you plan to exit your business in the near or distant future or just want to grow and increase it’s value now, the material in this workshop will show you how you can make a massive impact on both your lifestyle and the value of your business by implementing some powerful, immediately applicable and practical ideas. Figure out where you want to go and how to make a plan that will get you there.

Learn HOW to build a simple, clear effective plan…that will work! To build a property we need a plan, so why is your business any different? Find out how to make effective plans that will build the business you want, FAST! Create a marketing plan that works and the secret to generating leads that will convert into lifetime customers. How to EASILY create a Targeted Marketing Plan, Marketing should be an investment, not an expense, so why isn’t it for many businesses? Find how to make your marketing work! Find out HOW TO be a professional Sales Person We are ALL in Sales, find out how you can be the best sales person you know! Build & keep a team that can run your business better than you do now Learn HOW to lead and manage your team effectively, we have to ‘own’ the team we have built. Find out how to recruit, lead and manage the team that will get the results you want! Streamline your business and maximise your profits Explore HOW to create synergy in your business, create an effective, ‘well oiled machine’.

Evolution CBS specialise in helping Business Owners to buy, grow and sell businesses. Rob has over 15 years experience in the industry and to date has completed over 325 successful deals totalling over £2bn in value. Attend this free seminar and Rob will show you how to build your business into a lucrative, valuable and enjoyable asset. What's your magic number? What are your exit options? How do Acquirers value a business? Discover hidden assets in your business Registration and refreshments from 10.00 for a 10.30 start to the workshop The event concludes at 12.30 WHAT’S INCLUDED Coffee and light refreshments Delegate workbook A detailed Value Builder report (optional) A copy of the business book “The 11 Commandments & 7 Cardinal Sins of Selling a Business” A free Coaching Session with Action Coach, Ellis Bardsley

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