30 January 13:00-15:00 As an entrepreneur it can be hard to stay sane and keep clear headed, effective and positive when you live and breathe your business, and are frequently working flat out to make your vision reality without quite knowing how things will play out.

 We all have times when it seems like particular situations, tasks or people are driving us crazy. In this Unstoppable Leadership workshop we will explore how you can be at your best mentally whatever twists and turns your business takes, and how a new understanding of how our minds work makes it possible to have a totally different relationship to the things that stress us out. As entrepreneurs we are our business’s most valuable resource. It is vital we know how to get the best out of ourselves at challenging times – if we are doing well, our business will too. Introducing Unstoppable! founder Matt Halfin Matt is the founder of leadership and resilience coaching business Unstoppable!. He combines coaching with a deep understanding of building new services to help the founders and teams of fast growing businesses be at their peak mental fitness at times of significant change or challenge. Clients include business accelerators, entrepreneurs and universities, and Matt is also an accredited IHEART facilitator delivering emotional resilience programmes for students in secondary schools and higher education. Prior to starting Unstoppable! Matt spent 16 years as a marketeer building and growing disruptive services that challenged and changed their markets in sectors including media, telecoms, government, and social care. Having worked as an employee and mentor with organisations of many sizes, sectors and motivations, he really knows what it’s like on the front line for those creating and working in organisations that are seeking to do remarkable things. 

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