Price Increases aren’t optional!

Are your most successful, profitable, cherished, long standing clients holding back from increasing their prices? Why is it that they may be able to increase prices and yet you don’t? Perhaps you know you should increase, but are struggling with doubts and concerns?

In our ‘How to Manage a Price Increase’ workshop, Ellis will demonstrate why Business Owners frequently find themselves struggling with these questions and how, by following simple, easy to follow steps, you can prepare and implement that much needed Price Increase.

During the Workshop we will explore: An understanding of why Price Increases aren’t optional! A clear understanding of the mind set surrounding Price Increases and why it is absolutely normal and correct to have concerns Tools to assess your Price Increase from the perspective of your Business’s needs, the Market and your Client The crucial Steps that allow you to plan, implement and communicate your Price Increase Come along and find out ‘How to Manage a Price Increase’ and why it should be a crucial element of your current 90 day Business Plan!

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