Sep 27 2017 18:00

Unless you're doing business under a rock (which given the current state of the world isn't necessarily a terrible plan) chances are you've come across the idea of ‘Brand Voice’ – but WTF does it actually mean and how do you go about getting one?

Copywriter and brand developer Bethany Joy is here to shed some light. Merrily throwing boring jargon out the window and keeping things simple and fun, she'll be offering you a really practical guide to shaping the language your business uses so that people not only better get who the heck you are but are actually inspired to give a crap about you.

Beth has been weaving her lexical magic for over a decade, beginning her working life in charity Communications, moving on to do Comms/Brand Consultancy in the education sector and then jumping in with both feet to the brilliant chaos of creative agency life. She now puts bread (and bacon, always bacon) on the table by dividing her time between writing as a freelancer and doing content creation/brand development for One. You can check her out at


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