23 April 2019 09:30-10:15

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are faced with several important decisions. Creating a China business plan allows you to write on paper and communicate your vision to others and persuade them to help you meet your goals. It will include thorough market research, including benchmarking competitors already in the market and detailed information about your short term and long-term objectives, activities and obstacles, marketing strategies, target audience and staff.

Part of your China business plan is understanding what you are permitted or restricted from doing in the Chinese market as a foreign investor. Choosing your business activities is just one of several key decisions you’ll need to make when setting up a business in China. You’ll also be required to decide on a business name – which again comes with its own quirks and intricacies unique to China. With these initial decisions made, it’s time to make your company registration application. This webinar will highlight the importance of creating your China business plan, tips on how to create it and important considerations such as choosing the right business activity and company name for your business.

Kristina Coluccia Since 2003 Kristina has been a leading expert in China inbound investment. With international expertise and cross-industry experience, Kristina is detail-oriented with a creative personality and a can-do attitude – important traits to have for China. She has supported start-ups, SME’s, multinationals and publicly-listed companies with their China market-entry and expansion; focusing on their legal, corporate, tax and administrative needs.


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