Apr 18 2018 18:00

The word 'creativity' seems to be everywhere these days. We are constantly being exhorted to adopt it, deploy it, enhance it or otherwise ‘get with the programme’. Like the famous Swiss Army knife, it promises to solve all our problems – from creative ideas, to creative leadership and creative culture.

Not surprisingly this can lead to a degree of scepticism, the feeling that those pushing creativity are overstating their case, selling a trendy type of snake oil.

But what is it and how do you become better at it? In a world where we are taught to prize hard facts and figures, creativity is soft, instinctive, hard to measure or quantify, yet it is such a crucial skill to create marketing that connects and engages with audiences. The one thing we do know for sure is the pain when creative ideas dry up. When our minds become frozen and lock, trapped within empty rooms and limiting beliefs. Richard Gillingwater is a brand consultant and creativity coach at Emotional Branding http://emotionalbranding.co.uk/

He will help us understand that this pain comes because we are trying to think too hard with our conscious minds. What we should do is access more the super processing powers of our subconscious minds. This, he argues, is where the real magic happens. Throughout history great thinkers have always used their subconscious mind whether that’s through dreams or simply going for a walk. In fact we all know that moment when ideas just ‘pop’ into our conscious minds. So how does that work, how can we access more our true creative potential? Richard will help us explore practical steps to improve our ability to think creatively, to access, train and load our subconscious mind that helps us become more intuitively creative. But be warned, Richard also says, this should not be done lightly, that this is not for the faint hearted. Accessing our minds this requires training, can be both highly addictive and can take us further away from reality, from experiencing life in the moment. So while Richard tells us how we can improve our ability to be creative, he will also discuss strategies for living with the challenges that come with a creative mind.

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