It's always been fair to say that if you want to get ahead in marketing then you really need to think about your image; be it your own, your team's, your product, your business, your brand or all of the above.

However, in today's over-communicated, attention deficit society great visual imagery has never been more important for grabbing customers attention and getting your message across.

Enter David Fisher, photographer extraordinaire and founder of Fisher Studios, who'll be sharing his expertise and experiences at MarketingCamp and offering practical help and tips for marketers and brand owners, at all levels and budgets, who want to find and take great hero images. So if you're sitting there thinking… "just what is a hero image" or "I have no idea but it sounds good and we definitely need more of them on my… website/social media/collateral (delete as appropriate)" then, you're in luck, this is the session for you!


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