15 March 2017 17:30

What does it look like to fight cancer and do an MBA simultaneously, and be full of life? At the event, Ani will share her personal story and talk about her entrepreneurial journey.

Ani Haykuni is an MBA Candidate (2017) at Said Business School. She was accepted into MBA program in 2015-2016, but just a month prior to leaving for Oxford in Summer 2015, she was diagnosed with highly aggressive type of cancer. She was told to start treatment immediately, as the cancer could spread very fast. She was granted deferral from Oxford, and began her treatment. Unknown to her at the time, the battle against cancer would later become a public campaign in Armenia. Despite being very sick, Ani actively involved herself in public events for discussing challenges that cancer patients are facing and for implementing projects to break stereotypes about cancer and cancer patients. Ani’s journey became an inspiration for other cancer patients not to give up and continue to live the life to the fullest. Since January 2016, several video stories have been made about her battle, one of which has received an award in Armenia. About one year after her diagnosis she was able to join Oxford and to continue her treatment in the UK. Right before coming to Oxford, Ani started a foundation to support cancer patients in Armenia.  

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/her-to-do-list-finish-mba-and-beat-cancer-tickets-32216913656

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