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Advancements in healthcare are increasingly dependent on the juxtaposition of knowledge from different fields. The Harwell HealthTec / Life Sciences Cluster is being developed as a world-leading healthcare innovation hub founded on inter-disciplinary collaboration between physical and life sciences and also with the important research facilities on site including the new Rosalind Franklin Institute which will link 240 scientists across 10 universities and bring together life sciences, physical; sciences and engineering..

The driving objective is to exploit Harwell’s unique combination of facilities and highly skilled people to boost growth and innovation across the life sciences / healthtec sectors.

“HealthTec Connect” is a cluster specific event to bring the HealthTec and Life Sciences communities together.

It is your opportunity to network, discuss what has/has not worked for you, and explore potential, and possibly unexpected, crossovers and collaboration/cross-fertilisation opportunities. We would encourage you to set innovation challenges for discussion – for example, how do we use Harwell as a test bed/living laboratory to validate our products in real life situations? HealthTec Connect will link you to developments in the Cluster on and off Campus and with academia and give you the opportunity to steer future initiatives



11:30-11:35 Welcome to the “HealthTec-Connect” at Harwell –

11:35-11:50“Drug Discovery and new models of innovation”

Prof. Chas Bountra, Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium

SGC Oxford seeks to generate high quality reagents to accelerate the discovery of new medicines and place them into the public domain without restriction. Using 3D structures of human proteins and the reagents generated as part of the structure determination process as well as the chemical probes identified, the SGC works with organisations globally to further the understanding of the biological roles of these proteins.

11:50-12:05“Access to Microgravity Labs for Life Sciences Research”

Alan Brunstrom, Liaison Officer, European Space Agency

Alan Brunstrom will describe how access to microgravity environments such as the International Space Station is being commercialised and made readily accessible for European companies and institutions, with a focus on development of healthcare solutions for ageing population, drug discovery and other areas of Life Sciences


12:05 – 12:15Open discussion

12:15-13:00Lunch and Networking

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