Innovation Forum Oxford, in collaboration with MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine is providing a course of free workshops for scientists, clinicians and other NHS workers delivered by expert speakers. 

Are you interested in innovation? Are you already an established entrepreneur thinking about translating your research idea into a successful business? Or do you simply want to gain insights into the commercial potential of your work? These will equip you to take any idea from development through to a successful company. Each workshop will be accompanied by networking opportunities. Lecture 1: The trends shaping the Industry (12th Oct 2016) Lecture 2: How to develop commercial ideas from research (26th Oct 2016) Lecture 3: How to explore business tools to develop and evaluate your idea – Lean Canvas (9th Nov 2016) Lecture 4: How to define your target market (30th Nov 2016) Lecture 5: How to protect your idea (7th Dec 2016) Lecture 6: Finance for Scientists (TBC) Lecture 7: How to write a business plan (TBC) Lecture 8: How to give an effective pitch (TBC) Lecture 9: How to negotiate (TBC) Lecture 10: How to raise capital: From who and from where? (TBC) Lecture 11: How to effectively market your idea (TBC) Lecture 12: Spinning out your research (TBC) Lecture 13: Support for innovators (TBC) About the Innovation Forum The Innovation Forum seeks to promote innovation by building bridges between academia, industry and government and linking innovative minds across disciplines. They are a global network of researchers and entrepreneurs active at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Lausanne, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Tokyo. For more information, please visit:

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