The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) is the international network for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs. Across the world support for start-up social enterprises is emerging and experimental. Support organisations don’t want to spend resources on reinventing methodologies and therefore are eager to learn from others. GSEN brings support organisations together to share what works in supporting social entrepreneurs. As a result, organisations become more efficient in providing higher quality support to social entrepreneurs. They are able to support more of them to start-up, grow, become investable and create sustainable social impact. As a network, we envision a world in which people find it easy to get the support they need to start and thrive as social entrepreneurs wherever they are, wherever they come from. GSEN is a collaborative, peer-to-peer network connecting member organisations around the world. We empower members to join forces; sharing valuable connections, knowledge, skills and resources. We create a space for vibrant peer connections; building learning community based on sharing, understanding and trust. Launched at the G8 summit in 2013, GSEN started off with 9 members and has grown rapidly ever since: now in its 19th month, GSEN has 51 members operating in more than 50 countries. Surrounding the network, we have curated an essential community of partners and supporters – friends of GSEN who are equally as passionate and dedicated to this growing global movement. We invite you to join us on 16 April 2015 at the Old Fire Station in Oxford to hear from some of our members and key supporters about their diverse global experiences. Speakers will be announced soon, but we promise you a session packed full of meaningful learning and discussions. Spaces are limited and will go quickly! Be sure to book yours now. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about our developments and updates: For details, link here:

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