Digital Trading Ltd Roger will explain how and why you should look at your website as a marketing tool, and introduce the immense value of Google Tools: Webmaster tools Adwords Google business Google merchant ActionCOACH Ellis of ActionCOACH will support them by defining why hard earned PROFIT spent on Marketing MUST be effective, it MUST bring more PROFIT back in. Planning for effective Marketing should not be an emotional process, in fact a Winning Marketing Plan should be based on Logic! Spending £1 and get £2 back! Simple? It should be, but often its not the case! Ellis will explain how to Build a Winning Marketing Plan that is: Targeted Structured Effective Measurable and that creates RESULTS! Working together, Ellis and Roger will interactively explore contemporary marketing methods such as Digital Marketing and Social Media and also expand on why traditional strategies remain crucial and highly effective, especially if you are over 19 years old… Also they will cover how to apply powerful, proven principles to any and all visual marketing collateral. You will leave the workshop with knowledge, perspective, new practical and immediately applicable ideas and important introductions to like minded business owners … you have to attend! For details, link here:

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